Igor Yurievitch Shundalov,
born 1978, married.

e-mail: qwercus@yandex.ru

  To find pepole, who want to study any projects in allied interests
  High school 1993-1995
St. Petersburg State University, ethnography and anthropology
department. 1995-2000
European University. 2000-2003
Work experience

Archaeological expeditions 1998-2000, 2007-2009:
Excavations of the Trinity Church in St.-Petersburg, Town of Nienschantz.

Excursion guide, Museum of Religious History 2000

Bibliographer in National Library of Russia, 2001-2003

Professor's assistant, Chair of sociology and psychology SPb. Polar Academy. Seminar course of demography, 2002-2003

Ethnographical expedition to the Tersky district, Murmansk region, 2003

Scholar researcher, State Research Institute of Social-economical problems and sport-fitting technologies (SEP&SOT) in SPb Lesgaft University of Physical culture, 2003-2005

Mayor Scholar researcher, State RI of SEP&SOT, 2005-2007

Scholar researcher of North-Western Institute of Natural and Cultural inheritance (NWI "Inheritance"), 2007-2009

Researcher in Saint-Peterburg archaeological expedition, 2007-2009

Bibliographer in National Library of Russia, since 2009

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